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A Dog Teaches

9 Dec
Bellevue Seattle Dogs, Sniff Seattle Bellevue Dog Walkers, Dachshunds

Dog walking Green Lake with Walter (Photo by Greg Valentine from Team Sniff)

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.” ~ Robert Benchley

Greg Valentine
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The Most

5 Dec
Best Dog Walkers Jersey City NJ

Pepper (Photo by Colorfuldogs Dog Walking)

The World’s Most Interesting Dog.

Greg Valentine
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What Clients Say About SNIFF Seattle Dog Walkers
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Not Just For Christmas

1 Dec
Christmas Dogs, Bulldogs, Dog Quotes

A Lifelong companion (Photo by Andrew Roberts/Flickr)

“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” ~ Clarissa Baldwin

Yes! THIS^

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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Black Friday

29 Nov
Chocolate Lab, Labrador

Scotch in Capitol Hill (Photo by Hope from Team Sniff)

If we only had a pic that we could post that would totally sum up how we feel after shopping on Black Friday. I mean, that would be great if we did, but … Wait, what?

Greg Valentine
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26 Nov
Seattle Dogs, Sniff Seattle, Dog Photos

Jackson from Northlake, Seattle (Photo by Greg Valentine from Team Sniff)

“People teach their dogs to sit; it’s a trick. I’ve been sitting my whole life, and a dog has never looked at me as though he thought I was tricky.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

Greg Valentine
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Gossip Grrrr-l

25 Nov
Dog Photos, Dog Quotes, Poodles

Vicious Gossip (Photo by KTylerConk/Flickr)

“My dog is half pit-bull, half poodle. Not much of a watchdog, but a vicious gossip!” ~ Craig Shoemaker

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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The 12th Dog

24 Nov
Dogs Who Love The Seahawks

Theo is a 12 (Photo by Team Sniff)

Theo says: “Go ‘Hawks!”

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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