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Meet Your Next Dog This Saturday In Kirkland!

24 Jan
PUP Dog Rescue, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Kirkland

A loving friend is waiting to join your family! (Photo by Samuel Cockman/Flickr)

So, you’ve decided to get a dog. Well, we know some great dogs that wanna meet you!

PUP Dog Rescue is holding another adoption event this Saturday (1/28) from 10am to 2pm at the Petco in Kirkland. Stop by and meet the pups. It could be the beginning of something very awesome for everyone involved.


Every time you adopt a shelter dog you save two lives. The one you take. And the one that takes it’s space. ~ Hudson Valley SPCA

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Seattle Jobs: Join The Team At Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers & Pet Sitting

23 Jan
Sniff Seattle, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting

Walk the best dogs in town! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Sniff Seattle is expanding once again! And we’re looking for exceptional people to join our exceptional team.

We’re looking for experienced pet care professionals to join our crew of dog walkers. As a Sniff Seattle team member, your fun job working with dogs will give you the potential to quickly increase your schedule — and earnings. Pay is per walk. So more is good! Most of your walks will be scheduled between 11am and 3pm, and happen outdoors (rain, shine or cold). You must be reliable, punctual and love all dogs! Plus, dogs must adore you.

Apply by email only, please. Include your job history and references, and tell us about your previous work with pets (see the requirements below). And a few words about who you are.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sniff Seattle Dog Walker Requirements:

  • Experience Previous work as a dog walker or providing professional pet care services.
  • Honesty Impeccable references and background. A background check will be performed.
  • Car Must have reliable car, plus valid driver’s license and car insurance.
  • Phone Cell phone with texting is essential. Preferably with camera and email.
  • Available Can work between 11am and 3pm Monday through Friday, and on some weekends.
  • Seattle Ideally, you live in our service area, between West Seattle and Shoreline.

Working with Sniff Seattle is fun, independent, satisfying and rewarding! Apply today. What could be better than strolling around Seattle with some of the best dogs in town?

Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers: 100% Reliable On A Snowy Day In Seattle

15 Jan
Seattle Snow, Dog Walking In Snow, Pet Sitting In Snow

Dogs need to potty whether it's snowing or not (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)


I’m proud to say that’s how many dog walks, pet visits and other appointments Sniff Seattle has missed or cancelled due to snow.


Your pets’ needs are the same when snow’s covering the outside world. And we’re going to be there for them — just like we said we would.

We’ve built a wonderful team of dedicated walkers who cover Seattle, Shoreline and West Seattle. And our motto is: “No pet left behind!”

When snow hits Seattle, you’ll probably have a lot on your mind. But for our clients at Sniff Seattle, worrying whether their dog walker or pet sitter is showing up isn’t one of them.

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
We got you covered. Snow kidding!
(206) 478-5183
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

San Francisco Cracks Down On Pack-Walking; At Sniff Seattle, We Don’t Pack-Walk Our Dogs

12 Jan
Dog Walking

A little intimidating if you're another pedestrian? We agree!

One walker. Too many dogs. You’ve probably seen it before. Well, San Francisco is cracking down on it.

And we think it’s about time.

Even though we offer a similar service, we have to say for the record that not all dog walkers think — or operate — alike.

Sniff Seattle doesn’t “pack-walk.” Never has. Never will.

I mean, you ever see someone struggling down the street with eight dogs jumping around in every direction? Looks like a whole lot of chaos — and not a lot of fun — doesn’t it? We have questions about it’s safety, too.

We believe pack-walking isn’t the best choice. And we believe your dog deserves better.

And we’re not talking about families with two dogs. Or neighbor dogs who like to walk together. Of course we walk dogs in those situations together. We’re talking about the chaos of driving around for two hours, loading up a car full of ten dogs and then finally walking them for a half hour and driving around another couple hours to drop them off.

Pack-walking is not the Sniff Seattle way.

San Francisco has just passed a new law putting limits on pack-walking. At Sniff Seattle, one of our core beliefs is that individual attention for your dog is the way to go!

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Shiba Inu Puppy Cam!

10 Jan
Sniff Seattle, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting

Puppy cam! (Photo by Jason Hargrove/Flickr)

Careful. A bunch of hours might zoom by if you click the link!

I don’t know whose dogs these are. All I know is that it’s very addictive to watch them on the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam.

Six pups. Three boys. Three girls. Click above for the cuteness!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Shiba Lover
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Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

Kick Off 2012 With A New Dog From PUP Dog Rescue

6 Jan
PUP Dog Rescue, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting

Wanna give McQueen the Poodle a forever home? (Photo by PUP Dog Rescue)

Nothing beats the feeling you get from having a loving companion waiting at your door when you return home from work each day. Our friends at PUP Dog Rescue throw their first adoption event of the new year tomorrow (1/7/12) in Kirkland.

Click here and check out some of the pups that need homes. And go see them tomorrow:

Kirkland PETCO
January 7th from 10am to 2pm
12040 NE 85th St
Kirkland, WA 98033

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‘Bella’ Number One Name For Dogs And Cats

4 Jan
Sniff Seattle, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting

Bella the Spoodle (Photo by John McClumpha/Flickr)

It’s not just readers and movie-goers who love The Twilight Saga. It’s pet lovers, too!

The name “Bella” has been the most popular dog name for a couple years. And this year, cat lovers have made it the fave for felines.

The survey comes from a pet insurance company, who went through their database to determine the results.

I love my Twilight … so I’m not surprised!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Team Edward or Jakob? Or Team Dog or Cat? Hmmm.
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Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

Carrie Underwood Saves Dog

3 Jan
Country Music, Carrie Underwood, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

Carrie Underwood finds home for "Stella" (Photo by Matthew Wittkopp/Flickr)

Singer Carrie Underwood saved a dog on the eve of New Year’s Eve. The “Temporary Home” singer found a permanent home for a Labrador she found on the side of the road.

Carrie was heading home to Nashville after visiting her family for Christmas when she came upon two dogs on the side of the highway. Sadly, one had died. But Carrie quickly hurried the other to an emergency vet — who fixed her up.

Carrie already has two dogs of her own. So, after taking the newly re-named “Stella” home with her, Carrie checked with her neighbors.

Stella now lives just down the street from Carrie with a couple that was looking for a new pup!

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Happy New Year From Sniff Seattle!

1 Jan
Sniff Seattle, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting

Here's to a tremendous 2012! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Happy New Year from Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers and Pet Sitting!

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