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I Mean, That’s Their Job

31 Jul
Dog Quotes, Mastiffs, Dog Photos

Moby lounges (Photo by Jessica from Team Sniff)

“What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job!” ~ George Carlin

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Get More Exercise

30 Jul
Obese Dogs, Dog Quotes, Dog Photos

(Photo by Jeremy Vandel/Flickr)

“If your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise.” ~ Author Unknown

Greg Valentine
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Life Moves Fast

29 Jul
Mix Breed Dog

Norma (Photo by Jen from Team Sniff)

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” ~ Norma from Ballard. (Oh, and someone named Ferris once said it.)

Beautiful German Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix enjoying a beautiful day.

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‘The Steve’

28 Jul
Frenchie, French Bulldog

Steve (Photo by Stef from Team Sniff)

(And, that’s all we need to say about that.)

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Friend, Partner, Defender

27 Jul
Sniff Seattle Dogs, Bellevue Seattle Dog Walker, Huskydoodles

Kona dog walking in Magnolia (Photo by Greg Valentine from Team Sniff)

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion” ~ Unknown

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26 Jul
Bellevue Seattle Dogs, Dig Walker Redmond, Sniff Seattle

The adorable Molly (Photo by Greg Valentine from Team Sniff)

“My goal in life is to become as wonderful as my dog thinks I am.” ~ Toby & Eileen Green

Greg Valentine
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25 Jul
Sniff Seattle, Walkens Welcome, South Lake Union Dog Walker

Walkens Welcome (Photo by Greg Valentine from Team Sniff)

HAA!! We see some funny things while we’re dog walking. 🙂 In Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood.

Greg Valentine
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Feels Right!

24 Jul
Keeshond, Puppy

Gimli in Kirkland (Photo by Tiffany from Team Sniff)

“A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing, he just does what feels right.” ~ Barbara Kingsolver

Greg Valentine
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Choose Your Relatives

23 Jul
Dog Quotes, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Dog Walking Pinehurst Northagte Seattle (98125)

Ol' Mordecai (Mordecai?!) is onto something (Photo by Greg Valentine from Team Sniff)

Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative. ~ Mordecai Wyatt Johnson

Well, marriage might be the other time. I mean, not to shoot holes in Mordecai’s quote. I get where he’s goin’ with this.

Plus, with a name like “Mordecai Wyatt,” I’m gonna assume he was some Old West badass. So I’m with ya, Mordecai!

Greg Valentine
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Who Knows Seattle Better Than Your Dog?

22 Jul
Space Needle, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

A dog's view of Seattle's Space Needle (Photo by Nicola since 1972/Flickr)

We all know what a truly fantastic “walking city” Seattle is. The white, snow-capped mountains. The amazing greenery. The deep, cool blue waters. And the colorful local architecture.

Seattle definitely has some of the best scenery in the country. We all think we know the sights to be seen. But the reality is, nobody knows what’s out there…like your dog!

Space Needle? What’s the big deal of that compared to the big ol’ tree at the corner of Highland Drive and 7th Ave? After all, you can’t pee on the Space Needle!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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