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It’s Me… Ringo!

30 Apr
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Hello world! (Photo by "Ringo")

So, hey, it’s me… Ringo! I’m hijacking the Sniff Seattle blog today. That’s me (above) typing these words.

I just wanna let anybody reading this right now know that… it’s breakfast time!

That is all.

Walk. Play. Pug.


Dogs Are Miracles With Paws

29 Apr
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Belle. a miracle with paws (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle

“Dogs are miracles with paws.” ~ Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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Dog Walking Jobs Seattle, Shoreline And The Eastside

28 Apr
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Springer Spaniels, Pet Sitting Seattle & Eastside

Fun jobs walking dogs! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

The Seattle area’s premiere dog walking and pet sitting service continues to grow and expand. If you’re a passionate pet pro, we want you on the Sniff Seattle team!

We’re looking for experienced pet care professionals to join our enthusiastic crew of exceptional dog walkers. As a team member, your fun job working with dogs will give you the potential to quickly increase your schedule — and earnings. Pay is per walk. So more is good! Most of your walks will be scheduled between 11am and 3pm, and happen outdoors (rain, shine or cold). You must be reliable, punctual and love all dogs! Plus, dogs must adore you.

Apply by email only, please. Include your job history and references, and tell us about your previous work with pets (see the requirements below). And a few words about who you are.

Sniff Seattle Dog Walker Requirements:

  • Experience Previous work as a dog walker or providing professional pet care services.
  • Honesty Impeccable references and background. A background check will be performed.
  • Car Must have reliable car, plus valid driver’s license and car insurance.
  • Phone Cell phone with texting is essential. Preferably with camera and email.
  • Available Can work between 11am and 3pm Monday through Friday, and on some weekends.
  • Seattle-Area Live in our service area from West Seattle to the Eastside to Shoreline.
  • Commitment Can commit to joining our team for at least six months.

Working with Sniff Seattle is fun, independent, satisfying and rewarding! Apply today. What could be better than strolling around Seattle with some of the best dogs in town?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Walk. Play. Love.

The Great Pleasure Of A Dog Is…

27 Apr
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Stewie, Parfait and Lily at "La Maison Sniff" (Photo by Greg Valentine/ Sniff Seattle)

“The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” ~ Samuel Butler

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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Remembering Bonesy

26 Apr
Yellow Labradors, Fremont Seattle, Seattle Dogs

Bonesy chillaxes

I’m very sad to report Bonesy went to heaven Tuesday morning.

He was one of the sweetest dogs ever. He always had a smile on his face…even when he was in pain. Just Sunday I was walking him and he laid down half way and I gave him a big belly rub then a big hug 🙂

He was an awesome dog who had an awesome owner. He will hold a place in my heart forever.


See more photos of Bonesy HERE. And a few more words about him, too.

No Psychiatrist In The World Like A Puppy

25 Apr
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Dog Quotes, Puppy Licking

The best therapy (Photo by Jeanna/Sniff Seattle)

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” ~ Ben Williams

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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Orange Space Needle Catching Everybody’s Eye — Even Our Dogs!

24 Apr
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Akitas, Orange Space Needle

Niko checks out the orange Space Needle (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Yesterday, we wrote about our world-famous Seattle landmark, the Space Needle.

For those of you who don’t live around here, the Needle is orange on top. That may not seem like a big deal to you. It’s just that we’re used to seeing it white.

But orange on top was the Needle’s original look once upon a time. So, the Needle got a makeover last week in honor of it’s 50th anniversary.

The new look is certainly catching the eye of Bella and Niko, the two beautiful Akitas who live close by that we often walk around the Space Needle.

They haven’t shared their opinion (with me, at least) about the Needle’s new “Crayola” shade. But when they do, I’ll pass it along right here!

Greg Valentine

Orange Space, Needle, Akitas, Sniff Seattle

Bella ponders the Needle's new look (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)


Orange Ya Glad There’s A Space Needle?

23 Apr
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Orange Space Needle, Seattle Attractions

Seattle landmark goes orange on top (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

We just wanted to take a sec this morning to congratulate the Space Needle on 50 years of being … uber cool!

There was a lot of hoopla over the weekend, and the Needle has been noticeably orange on top since last week. The Space Needle folks decided to return the landmark to it’s 1962 paint job for the commemoration.

Congrats on 50 years!

Greg Valentine
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The Biggest Dog Has Been A Pup

22 Apr
Sniff Seattle, Puppies, Dog Quotes

Sam, cute Yellow Lab puppy (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

“The biggest dog has been a pup.” ~ Joaquin Miller

The dog pictured above has, like, grown double since that photo was taken just a few months ago. His name is Sam. He lives on the backside of Queen Anne.

Sam is one of our Puppy Out Relief dogs.

I gotta say, it’s an honor to assist puppies like Sam during this crucial developmental stage. Being there for them at a time when their potty needs are more frequent. And helping them learn the basics (such as leash training and commands).

But most of all, just watching them grow into the dogs they will become!

Greg Valentine

Dexter The Berger Picard

21 Apr
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Dog Photos, Weekends

Dexter from Ballard (Photo by Jeanna/Sniff Seattle)

Dexter wants to know how your weekend’s going. In fact … he’s all ears!

Greg Valentine

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