Do Dogs Belong In Restaurants?

4 Oct
Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Dogs, Seattle Weekly

“… and a order of Spuds. Thank you.” (Photo by Matt PJ/Flickr)

The Seattle Weekly just published an article in which the writer asserts that dogs don’t belong in restaurants. Yesterday on Twitter, the paper asked our opinion (see the tweet below).

Seattle Pug Rescue, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkersseattleweekly Seattle Weekly
Do dogs belong in restaurants? Our writers state their cases, but we want to hear from u @SeattleDogSpot @SniffSeattle

Well, thanks for asking. Here goes…

We believe this is not a complicated question. Dogs belong in some restaurants, not others. It should be up to the proprietor.

That way nobody is forced to dine with a dog. But dog lovers like us can chose to reward dog-friendly restaurateurs.

And for the record, if WE owned a restaurant, it’d be dog-friendly!

And there it is. We’ve kept our response simple. But we also like what our friend Robert had to say about the subject at Seattle Dog Spot.


Greg Valentine and Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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