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We Had So Much Fun!

2 Feb
Sniff Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Dogs, Issaquah Dog Walking

Otto, ready for his free dog walk! (Photo by Jillanna/Sniff Seattle)

I want to thank all our wonderful dog walking clients for making the first-ever Sniff Seattle Bow Wow Blue Friday an incredible success — and so much fun!

Just to recap, we told our clients that if we showed up at their home on Friday, Jan. 31, and if their dog was dressed in Seahawks gear, or showing their love for the team in show other way, their dog walk would be FREE!

Well around here, who doesn’t love the ‘Hawks? Or, free stuff? Nevertheless, the actual number of dogs who participated exceeded even our own most ambitious predictions!

We’re very happy we could give away so many free dog walks. And, help root on the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. We’re hoping all the dogs we saw Friday still have their team gear on for the big game today!


Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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Sniff Seattle’s Bow Wow Blue Friday

28 Jan
Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday, The 12th Mutt, Dog In Seahawks Jersey

The 12th Mutt is howlin’ for those ‘Hawks! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

So today, I want to let you know about Sniff Seattle’s first-ever Bow Wow Blue Friday, which is this Friday 1/31.

What is it? Well, it’s like the Blue Fridays human fans of the Seahawks have been doing for years. But, you guessed it, this one’s for DOGS! And, there’s a nifty perk for you — if you’re one of our wonderful dog walking clients.

On Friday when we show up, if your dog is wearing some ‘Hawks gear, your walk for the day is FREE! Yep, that’s right! A couple ideas on how to do it. Maybe your pooch can show their team spirit by sporting a Seahawks bandana, or dog collar, or even Jersey. (If it’s a full-size jersey, hopefully your dog is Great Dane or Mastiff. It might not be the best way to go for a Chihuahua!)

Or, you might just decorate their kennel in blue and green and hang up a Go Hawks sign! However you want to do this is really up to you (as long as it’s safe, of course). That’s the fun of the whole thing. Just make sure we can tell it’s your dog that’s showing their love for the ‘Hawks.

And again, all walks on Friday 1/31 will be free for dogs participating in Sniff Seattle’s Bow Wow Blue Friday!

Finally, we have lots of wonderful clients originally from other parts of the country who may not be Seahawks fans. If you’re a life-long Patriots fan and you decide to dress up your pup in ‘Hawks gear to get a free walk, we promise we won’t tell any of your friends back home!

Happy Superbowl Sunday and #GoHawks!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Walk. Play. Love.
(206) 478-5183

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A Strong Breeze Is Blowing In Seattle

9 Jan
12th Man Flag, Seattle Seahawks, Magnolia Homes

A storm’s a brewin’! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Look what I spotted walking Numchucks and Katana the Monday morning after the Seahawks’ dumping of the D.C. ‘Skins. The 12th Man flag flying proudly above a home in Magnolia.

Clearly, a strong breeze is blowin’ in Seattle. Literally and metaphorically.

Go Hawks!

Greg Valentine

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