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Jeanna from Sniff Seattle: “I Love My Job!”

17 Mar
Jeanna, Tip, Black Lab, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

Jeanna and Tip having fun on a rainy day walk (Photo by Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers)

Being a dog walker in Seattle is the best!  There are so many cool things to see and explore.

I’m always amazed by some of the things I see while walking that I’ve never seen driving by. Cool neighborhood statues, fun shops and stores, pretty little gardens and colorfully-painted homes.

There is nothing better than driving up to a house and seeing the doggy in the window waiting  for you.  It melts my heart every time! I know their tails is wagging, and we’re about to go on a wonderful walk.

Some people don’t like doggy breath. But for me, I love it! You know how you connect certain smells with certain feelings? Like when I smell any Italian food, I immediately think of my grandma (she made the best lasagna). So doggy breath always reminds me how much love I feel from all these dogs.

I love everything about my job. Even the rain. And, I understand not everyone likes walking in the rain. In fact, a few of those people hire me to do it for them–and thanks for that! But I wouldn’t trade my job on the coldest, rainiest day for anything. There is nothing better than a wagging tail and doggy kisses in the rain!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Loving my job daily 🙂
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