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A Strong Breeze Is Blowing In Seattle

9 Jan
12th Man Flag, Seattle Seahawks, Magnolia Homes

A storm’s a brewin’! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Look what I spotted walking Numchucks and Katana the Monday morning after the Seahawks’ dumping of the D.C. ‘Skins. The 12th Man flag flying proudly above a home in Magnolia.

Clearly, a strong breeze is blowin’ in Seattle. Literally and metaphorically.

Go Hawks!

Greg Valentine

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Seattle Pier 57 Ferris Wheel

16 Jun
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Ferris Wheels, Seattle Attractions

Ferris view here (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

You see some pretty cool stuff while walking dogs. Like this view of the just-about-completed Seattle Pier 57 Ferris Wheel.

I took this shot while walking the two big Akitas on the Bell Street Pier. Someone told me the wheel’s opening June 28. Don’t quote me on that. Quote “someone told me.”

One of the cool things (as if being a giant Ferris wheel wasn’t cool enough) about our new waterfront attraction in Seattle is that it’ll have thousands of LED lights.

So, if the Sounders are playing that night, the wheel can be lit up in the team’s colors. And that’s not a “for instance.” That’s something they will be doing — along with similar tributes to the Seahawks and Mariners.

Red, white and blue on the Fourth of July. Orange and black for Halloween. Looks like they’ve got a lot of fun possibilities.

My mom’s coming to town in July. And, yep. She’s already put a ride on the new Ferris wheel on the itinerary!

Greg Valentine

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