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San Francisco Cracks Down On Pack-Walking; At Sniff Seattle, We Don’t Pack-Walk Our Dogs

12 Jan
Dog Walking

A little intimidating if you're another pedestrian? We agree!

One walker. Too many dogs. You’ve probably seen it before. Well, San Francisco is cracking down on it.

And we think it’s about time.

Even though we offer a similar service, we have to say for the record that not all dog walkers think — or operate — alike.

Sniff Seattle doesn’t “pack-walk.” Never has. Never will.

I mean, you ever see someone struggling down the street with eight dogs jumping around in every direction? Looks like a whole lot of chaos — and not a lot of fun — doesn’t it? We have questions about it’s safety, too.

We believe pack-walking isn’t the best choice. And we believe your dog deserves better.

And we’re not talking about families with two dogs. Or neighbor dogs who like to walk together. Of course we walk dogs in those situations together. We’re talking about the chaos of driving around for two hours, loading up a car full of ten dogs and then finally walking them for a half hour and driving around another couple hours to drop them off.

Pack-walking is not the Sniff Seattle way.

San Francisco has just passed a new law putting limits on pack-walking. At Sniff Seattle, one of our core beliefs is that individual attention for your dog is the way to go!

Greg Valentine
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