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Dang, Whatta Dane!

26 Dec
Dog Walker Hoboken NJ

Butch (Photo by Colorfuldogs Dog Walking)

Big boy Butch pounding the pavement in Hoboken, NJ. Great Dane, great walk!

(From our sister company, Colorfuldogs Dog Walkiing.)

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The Dogs Of Titanic

16 Apr
Titanic, Dogs, History

A few Titanic dogs (Photo Widener University)

Most of us know Titanic. Between the movie and the many, excellent documentaries, there’s not many of the ill-fated voyage’s stories we haven’t heard along the way.

That’s why I was surprised during this weekend’s 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking to learn of the dogs of Titanic. One expert spent eight months researching the subject and concluded there were 12 dogs on board. Three of those survived.

And like we’ve heard, where you were staying on the ship had a lot of to with survival. All three canine survivors were sleeping with their owners in first class and not in the on-board kennel.

One passenger, Margaret Hays, wrapped her Pomeranian, “Lady,” in a blanket and sneaked her onto a lifeboat. Presumably, other passengers thought Margaret was carrying a baby.

Perhaps the most famous (and heart-wrenching) dog story from the Titanic tragedy involved Ann Elizabeth Isham, who left her seat on a lifeboat in an attempt to save her beloved Great Dane. Ann was found dead four days later, floating in the cold Atlantic and still clinging to her beloved companion.

Like all aspects of this tragedy, the dogs of Titanic make for fascinating tales. If the ship had not sunk on that fateful night, there would have been a dog show on-board Titanic the next day. One was scheduled for Monday, April 15, 1912.

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Dogs And Swimming: What To Know

17 May
Swimming Dogs, Water, Sniff Seattle Dog walkers

Swimming? Or Walking on water? (Photo by WoodleyWonderWorks/Flickr)

Some dogs love the water and are natural swimmers. For others, it’s just not their thing.

I had a Great Dane about 10 years ago. Duke was a regular Michael Phelps. I’d take him to my parents house. They had a pond. And in the time it takes to read this sentence, he’d be in that water!

Same thing at my friend’s house — Duke would always dive in her backyard pool the minute we got there.

So, I thought of Duke when I came across an article today. Obviously, certain dogs like Labs (and my Duke) are drawn to the water. But as this piece points out, many breeds can become swimmers — especially if they’re introduced to water at an early age in a pleasant, non-threatening way.

The author also talks about some water-related risks to watch out for. Some yucky things like parasites and pond molds. But also a few you might not be thinking about — over-exertion, even sunburn. Yep. Light-skinned or thin-furred dogs can get a nasty burn just like the rest of us.

Here’s the story: Dog paddle: Water safety tips for pooches and owners

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Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

30 Mar
Sleeping With Dog In Bed, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

Fighting for bed "real estate" (Photo by mollypop/Flickr)

I’ve had dogs my whole life, and they’ve almost always slept in bed with me.

I can still remember being five-years-old and sleeping with my Collie, Penny. I had a twin-sized bed and she was bigger than me. But there always seemed to be plenty of room.

Over the years, I’ve had several different dogs ranging from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. Having them by my side at night, especially as a single girl, has always been comforting.

Funny thing is, it’s always seemed that the big breeds take up less room. I remember having plenty of leg room and space to roll around with those big dogs in bed.

But now with a small Pug, I almost feel like I’m sleeping in a coffin! He likes to plop down right on top of me, as if that’s his spot for the night. It’s not. I move him to end of the bed. But somehow, by morning he’s right back in the middle, pressed against me, practically pushing me off the bed.

I think it has to do with Pugs and their “over-sized” personalities. Any Pug owner can tell you, their little dog has to be the center-of-attention! And that’s one of the things I love about Pugs the most!

And picture this. Now that Parfait has joined Stewie in our family, it’s everything above…times two!

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