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5 Mar
Sniff Seattle Dogs, Sniff Seattle Park Hikes, Dogwalking Seattle

Moby the Mastiff, Discovery Park (Photo by Jessica/Sniff Seattle)

Stay golden, Moby!

A snap from one of Moby’s trips to Discovery Park in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood.

Greg Valentine

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Potter’s Big Adventure

3 Apr
Golden Retrievers, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Boeing Creek Park

Potter's walks are ... adventures! (Photo by Eve/Sniff Seattle)

Now, that’s a happy dog!

Just had to share this pic with you.  It was taken by Eve, one of our exceptional Sniff Seattle team members, at Boeing Creek Park in Shoreline.

This photo really captures the essence of our Sniff Seattle Park Hikes — a service we off that is a client fave.

Simply put, some dogs need a little more adventure. And we’ve got it for them! Sniff Seattle Park Hikes are the answer for the dog that needs to stay out longer, do more, and go further.

We pick up your pup and take ’em to the park for an hour of on-leash hiking and play through the luscious greenery of one of Seattle’s many world-class parks — such as Discovery Park, Magnuson Park, Woodland Park, Volunteer Park, Golden Gardens and Green Lake.

Ahhh. The Great Outdoors! When your pup needs more than a walk, call us and we’ll take them on an adventure!

Greg Valentine
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