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See The Winners From Our ‘Summer To Remember Dog Photo Contest’

25 Sep
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Dog Photo Contest, Best of Western Washington

Pics of your pups from Summer 2012! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

And the winners are (drum roll, please)…

We had some awesome entries in our Summer to Remember Dog Photo Contest. Check out all the winning pics HERE!

Those are some great dogs. And clearly, it was a great summer! We’ve got Sniff Seattle Walk Play Love tee shirts for all the winners. And thanks to everybody who entered.

And stay tuned for our next contest!

Greg Valentine

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Resistance Is Futile

23 Sep
Sniff Seattle Dogs, Dog Photos, Best of Western Washington

Katana the Boxer from Magnolia (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

“Hi, I’m a cute dog. Please vote for SNIFF SEATTLE! I know you can’t resist my charms.” ~ Katana the Boxer

Elect us ‘Best Dog Walker’ and ‘Best Pet Sitting.’ Voting only takes a sec. Just follow this link: http://ctvr.us/sniffseattle

It’s in your hands! And we thank you for your consideration.

Greg Valentine

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Hurry And Vote!

10 Sep
Sniff Seattle Dogs, Spaniels, Best of Western Washington

Sadie running home to vote! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Dogs and blogs. That’s us. Sniff Seattle.

We love making dogs happy every day. Showing up at their homes, getting them outside rain or shine and having a good time.

When we get home, we love sharing our passion for pooches on this blog. Whether that’s dog stories or news, photos of the pups we walk, or dog quotes that ring true.

If you like what we do, and if you can spare, like, three seconds, please click HERE and vote for Sniff Seattle!

To everybody whose day we’re a part of, or whose lives we touch in small or large ways, we say “thanks for letting us be part of…you.”

Greg Valentine

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I’m Asking For Your Vote

4 Sep

Seattle Dog Walking, Best Of Western Washington, Sniff Seattle

Hi, I’m asking for your vote today.

I don’t want to make this more complicated than it needs to be. If you enjoy what we do, you can vote for Sniff Seattle right now! Click the link below and help elect Sniff Seattle ‘BEST Dog Walker.’


It’s easy and takes just a sec. Thank you so much for your support! Have a great week.

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Walk. Play. Love.
(206) 478-5183

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