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Miranda Lambert Raises $300,000 For Her Charity ‘Cause For Paws’

16 May
Miranda Lambert, Cause For Paws, Humane Society of East Texas, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

Singer Miranda Lambert and her terrier Delilah (Photo by Keith Hinkle/Flickr)

You might say it’s her “pet cause.” Singer Miranda Lambert, who married singer Blake Shelton over the weekend, recently raised $300,000 for the Humane Society of East Texas with her annual benefit concert Cause For Paws.

Miranda’s been holding the event the last four years. Singers JoshKelley and Stoney LaRue joined Miranda on the bill. This year’s tally doubled the total of the first three combined!

Looks like as Miranda’s own popularity increases, some needy animals in East Texas also benefit! And why the Humane Society of East Texas? It’s where Miranda found her terrier Delilah, her constant companion (see above).

“It was wonderful to come home to Tyler (Texas) again for Cause For Paws this year,” Miranda says on her website. “It’s a moving experience to see all of the support for a cause that is so close to my heart. I am thankful to my fans and everyone who came to be part of this day and help these animals.”

In the four years since Miranda started Cause For Paws, the Humane Society of East Texas has become a no-kill shelter.

Miranda Lambert – “The House That Built Me”

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Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses To Leave Injured Friend Behind

20 Mar
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses To Leave Injured Friend Behind

Watch the video (below). It's sad, yet touching. And ultimately inspiring!

Many of the pictures and videos we’ve seen of the devastating Japan earthquake and tsunami have told the story from a human perspective.

That’s understandable. We’re people, after all. And there aren’t too many news reporters from the animal world.

For a different view of the tragedy, watch this video (below). Fortunately, some human reporters in Japan were able to capture the story of couple of the quake and tsunami’s animal victims.

Two dogs. One injured, and another who steadfastly refuses to leave his buddy’s side. Friendship and loyalty when times are rough. It speaks volumes about the strength of character of our dogs. It’s sad, yet touching. And ultimately inspiring!

If any of us ever found ourselves in a similar situation, we’d all hope to have a friend this dedicated sticking by us!

Word is the two dogs in the video were picked up after this was filmed and are in the care of a local shelter. So hopefully, their situation continues to improve.

What can you do to help Japan’s animals? The International Fund for Animal Welfare is leading that effort. You can donate to the IFAW here.

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