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Video: Chihuahua Fights Off Armed Robbers

20 Jul
Chihuahua Fights Off Armed Robbers, Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Videos

Chihuahua's the new guard dog? (YouTube)

Don’t be surprised if you see a Chihuahua behind the counter the next time you’re at the gas station or 7-Eleven. Check out Paco, the crime fighting Chihuahua!

This little guy almost thwarts an armed robbery in Altadena, CA. Two armed robbers flee the store mid-stickup after Paco lets out a torrent of barks and comes charging, forcing the masked gunmen to leave cash behind.

And it’s all caught on the store’s security camera (video below)!

Turns out Paco’s a rescue dog who spends his day roaming from shop to shop in the neighborhood. Looking for bad guys, no doubt.

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