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Best Sights And Sites In Seattle

19 Aug
Space Needle, SNIFF Seattle Dog Walkers

A dog's view of Seattle's Space Needle (Photo by Nicola since 1972/Flickr)

You might’ve heard what a truly fantastic “walking city” Seattle is. The white, snow-capped mountains. The amazing greenery. The deep, cool blue waters. And the colorful local architecture.

Seattle definitely has some of the best scenery in the country. Everybody in Seattle thinks they know the sights to be seen. But the reality is, nobody knows what’s out there…like your dog!

Space Needle? What’s the big deal of that compared to the big ol’ tree at the corner of Highland Drive and 7th Ave? After all, you can’t pee on the Space Needle!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
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Orange Ya Glad The Space Needle’s Not Orange, Anymore?

10 Nov
Space Needle, Green Top, Sniff Seattle

Green Needle seen from South Lake Union (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

The Space Chameleon, er, Needle changes color again. We noticed workers high up there today making the change while we were visiting some pups in South lake Union.

The top of the Needle has been orange for the last six months. For the first time ever, the Needle will be sporting a design from a contest winner. Take a look at the new, green-theme.

For us Seattleites, it’s a whole lotta color goin’ on. The Space Needle has been basic white up top since its earliest days 50 years ago. What do you think of the Needle’s new ‘do?

Greg Valentine

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In The Shadow Of The Space Needle

10 May
Sniff Seattle, Orange Space Needle, Akitas

Bella enjoys some sunny day shade (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Bella the Akita this afternoon, on a postcard perfect day in Seattle!

Greg Valentine

Orange Space Needle Catching Everybody’s Eye — Even Our Dogs!

24 Apr
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Akitas, Orange Space Needle

Niko checks out the orange Space Needle (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Yesterday, we wrote about our world-famous Seattle landmark, the Space Needle.

For those of you who don’t live around here, the Needle is orange on top. That may not seem like a big deal to you. It’s just that we’re used to seeing it white.

But orange on top was the Needle’s original look once upon a time. So, the Needle got a makeover last week in honor of it’s 50th anniversary.

The new look is certainly catching the eye of Bella and Niko, the two beautiful Akitas who live close by that we often walk around the Space Needle.

They haven’t shared their opinion (with me, at least) about the Needle’s new “Crayola” shade. But when they do, I’ll pass it along right here!

Greg Valentine

Orange Space, Needle, Akitas, Sniff Seattle

Bella ponders the Needle's new look (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)


Orange Ya Glad There’s A Space Needle?

23 Apr
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers, Orange Space Needle, Seattle Attractions

Seattle landmark goes orange on top (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

We just wanted to take a sec this morning to congratulate the Space Needle on 50 years of being … uber cool!

There was a lot of hoopla over the weekend, and the Needle has been noticeably orange on top since last week. The Space Needle folks decided to return the landmark to it’s 1962 paint job for the commemoration.

Congrats on 50 years!

Greg Valentine
Seattle’s Uber Dog Walkers, Sniff Seattle

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