Sniff Seattle: Exceptional Seattle Pet Sitting For The Holidays

21 Nov
Seattle Pet Sitting, Pet Sitters Seattle, Sniff Seattle

Staredown: Katie the Cat vs. the Green Plant (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Thanksgiving is coming fast. Christmas and Hanukkah, too. And I can personally tell you that a lot of people are looking for pet sitters in Seattle. Pet sitting is a great solution if you’re planing to go out-of-town for the holidays and can’t bring your fur baby with you.

My phone’s been ringing a whole bunch the last few weeks. And yes, this is a service we provide at Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers!

Sniff Seattle’s pet sitting services are designed so your dog or cat can enjoy the comfort of their own home while you’re away. We make two or three “house calls” a day to feed and walk them. That way they can stick to their normal feeding routine, and get all the exercise, playtime and loving attention they’re used to.

Naturally, we take care of any water refreshing or clean-up at your house that may be needed. Plus, we’re skilled at administering any medication your pet may be taking, if needed.

Finally, we understand there might be a few things around the house you would like to have done while you’re away. So as part of the comprehensive service we love doing for you, if you want, we can bring in the newspaper, mail or any packages; water plants; and rotate the lights or blinds. Whatever needs to be done.

We want you to have complete peace-of-mind during your time away! If you’re looking for exceptional pet sitting at an affordable price, check the services page on our website and give me a call.

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving
(206) 478-5183
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers


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