Shoreline Gets Dog Walking, Pet Sitting And Puppy Care Services From Sniff Seattle!

26 Jul
Puppy Care Shoreline, Dog Walking 98155

We provide puppy care in Shoreline (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

It’s a just a couple extra blocks for us. But it’s a HUGE relief for so many people.

We’ve been talking to a lot of pet lovers living in the Shoreline area, just outside the Seattle city limits. The thing we’ve heard the most from these wonderful dog and cat owners is that it’s been difficult finding quality pet care service.

Today, we hope to help end that frustration. Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers is providing our complete array of exceptional dog walking and pet sitting, taxi and grooming services to everybody in Shoreline!

In fact, we just started today with two wonderful dogs, Race and Rosie! Race is a Chocolate Lab/Springer Mix. And Rosie’s a puppy, full Chocolate Lab. Their owner wanted a few walks. But more important to her was that her babies had companionship. So we’re making three visits a day to hang out with these sweet dogs — lots of playtime, fetch, attention and love…and a walk or two.

In other words, we designed the perfect puppy care plan for her pooches. That kinda “go-the-extra-mile” service is what Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers is all about.

And now, we’re happy to say we’re available in Shoreline!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Spendin’ time in Shoreline!
(206) 478-5183
Sniff Seattle Dog Walkers

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