Top Ten List: Signs You’re A Dog Lover

3 Apr
Top Ten Signs You're A Dog Lover

Does this list describe you? You're not alone! (Photo bysleepyjeanie/Flickr)

There are dog lovers. And then, there are dog lovers! Here’s a list we put together: “Top Ten Signs You’re A Dog Lover.”

  • #10 – Most days you have a “glistening” on your face from dried doggy kisses.
  • #9 – You haven’t seen your own doctor in years. But the vet? Last week!
  • #8 – You make a point to sit scrunched in the corner of the couch so your dog can be comfortable.
  • #7 – You reach into your pocket hoping to find a breath mint. But, no. It’s a doggy treat.
  • #6 – No matter how hot or extremely cold it is, you roll down the car window so your furry friend can hang his head out.
  • #5 – Your best conversations are with your dog.
  • #4 – There are about 32 squeaky toys laying around your house. (Vawooo! Oops, just stepped on one!)
  • #3 – You sleep crowded on the corner of the bed, and would probably go to the floor if you had to so your dog could get a good nights sleep.
  • #2 – You’re covered with almost as much dog hair as your dog! And you don’t think twice about it.
  • #1 – You’re still wearing sweatpants from your college days. Your dog? Cute new sweater!

Jeanna from Sniff Seattle
Dog Lover
(206) 478-5183


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